Scientific Scope

The symposium features all aspects of the highly interdisciplinary areas of Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics on the following themes:

Research Themes and Team Organisers

1. Smart materials for Bioelectrochemistry
Novel fundamental concepts in biosensing, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and nanodevices for clinical applications and environmental monitoring, Nanoarchitectures for biosensing, biomimetic receptors for new concepts in bioeletrochemistry, artificial protein constructs and protein engineering, lipid films on electrodes
Wolfgang Schuhmann, Alexander Kuhn, Ilaria Palcheti, Victor Diculescu

2. Electrochemical sensors for diagnostics and therapy monitoring
Enzyme sensors, affinity sensors (immuno and aptasensors), electrochemistry of enzymes, genosensors (DNA, RNA sensors), POC devices, wearable and edible sensors, Implantable sensors and actuators, self-powered electrochemical biosensors, devices for target therapy (drug transport to the target molecule or tissue)
Karolien de Wael, Serge Cosnier, Giovanna Marrazza, Constantin Apetrei

3. Pulsed electric and magnetic fields in biology, medicine and biotechnology
Electroporation and pulsed electric fields in biology, medicine, food and environmental technologies, membrane potential and membrane proteins
Mihaela Moisescu, Damijan Miklavcic, Marie Pierre Rols, Erika Kis

4. Bioenergetics and biosynthesis
Enzymatic fuel cells, biocapacitors, bioelectrocatalytic synthesis, biocatalytic cascades on electrodes, photobioelectrochemistry
Fred Lisdat, Lo Gorton, Edmond Magner, Szilveszter Gaspar

5. Microbial films and Biocorrosion
Microbial electrochemical cells, Microbial film growth on biomedical devices, anti-microbial coatings, biocorrosion of biomedical devices, corrosion protection, biofilms in bioremediation
Pankaj Vagdama, Nicolas Plumere, Graziella Turdeanu

6. Electron transport in biological systems - theory and experiment
Fundamental mechanisms of electron transfer, protein electrochemistry, DNA electron transfer
Elisabeth Lojou, Renata Bilewicz, Pau Gorostiza, Lars Jeuken